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We create 2D characters and avatars (clothing and accessories) for social and mobile game contents through a variety of digital tools. In the future, we aim to deliver our products not only to Japan, but also across the entire world. To help us achieve this goal, we are searching for candidates with the following qualities.

  • Enjoys drawing using digital tools
  • An aggressive team player
  • Eager to learn and grow
  • Interested in foreign culture

Message to Applicants

We have created a work environment which is conducive to the growth of our staff members. We have built effective means of communication where new staff members will be guided not only by their Vietnamese seniors, but also by our staff in Japan. We aim to create an office environment which is formed by the culture of our staff. Our goal is to create products which can be enjoyed by a vast number of users, by raising the bar for product excellence within our industry. Each one of our staff members embodies this philosophy, developing high quality products for our end users. We welcome you to join and grow with us at Ambition, as we strive to accomplish this goal.

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