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Desired Position 2D Anime/Manga Artist

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Handling of Personal Information

The following agreement lays out conditions for the Handling of Personal Information when submitting an application via this page.

1. Personal Information
The Personal Information is any information that can be used to identify an individual (or any information that can be checked against other information to identify an individual), including but not limited to their name, birthdate and other descriptive information as asked for above.

2. Applicant
The Applicant is any such person who fills in the information as asked for above, with the intention of applying for a work position.

3. Handling of the Personal Information
Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd. will handle all Personal Information in such a way that it is never shared with or leaked to any third parties. The Personal Information will only be made available to those with permission as given by Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd.

4. Personal Information Acquisition Aims and Methods
The Personal Information will be acquired through the Applicant's use of this web form, with the aim of using said information in the process of considering the Applicant for an employment position within Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd.

5. Use of Personal Information
Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd. will not distribute Personal Information to any third parties, except for in the situations as laid out below.
* In the event of a cease and desist order.
* In the event of any order from a judicial or administrative system.
* In the event of a non-disclosure agreement being agreed upon between Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd. and collaborating, cooperating or affiliated companies.
After processing Personal Information to remove any personally identifiable information, raw data may be offered to third parties for statistical purposes.

6. Regarding a lack of Personal Information
Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd acquires personal information for the purposes outlined in Clause 5. As such, when an Applicant does not input all of the information required of them, their application cannot be considered.

7. Requests for viewing, correcting or removing Personal Information
In the event of an Applicant's request to view, correct or remove their Personal Information, such a request will be dealt with as quickly as possible. If a request for correction of Personal Information includes additional information that was not sent with the initial application, Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd. will accept only the latest corrected information into consideration for application.

8. Inquiries
In the event of a request for viewing, correcting or removing Personal Information, or any other inquiries regarding Personal Information, we ask that you please contact Ambition Vietnam Co., Ltd. via the e-mail address below.

Inquiries: shirai@ambition.vn

9. Changes to the Terms of Use
We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, without the need of approval from Applicants.

Please read and accept the Handling of Personal Information, please check.

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