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Application Requirements

We are looking for new staff members with a strong ambition to work towards our goals.

Responsibilities Creating animations based on 2D game graphics
Qualifications Someone who encompasses the following:

◎At least some experience creating animations
※Using animation tools such as Flash, Live2D, or Spine

◎General drawing skills, interested in animation
※Experience in creating animations not required
Preferred Qualifications •Practical working experience creating animations
Requirements •Ability to think about the game from a user perspective
•Possess effective communication skills
•Positive and motivated to work
•Agree with Ambition's corporate vision
Creation Tools Live2D
Office 4th floor, ACM building, 96 Cao Thang St., Ward 4, Dist.3, HCMC, Vietnam.
Work Hours 9:00 ~ 18:00 (*Weekdays only)
•Work hours: 8 hours
•1.5 hour break
Employment Type *2 month training period
Salary $400 - $800/month
*Training period paid at the 85% rate
Holidays・Breaks・Benefits •Company insurance in complete compliance with Vietnamese labor legislation (social insurance, health insurance)
•As a company rule, employees will receive 13 months of pay every year
•Summer Holiday (in accordance with the company calendar)
•Once health check (according to national regulations)
•Events: year-end parties (By company arrangement)
•Possible Pay rise
•Gasoline fee supplied
•Lunch fee supplied
Office environment •Dual display, pen tablet, latest PC supply
•Water server, fridge, microwave available
•Relaxation space available
•PS4, board game, projector, reference book available
•Private cabinet with key supplied
•Super market and food court in office building
•No particular restriction for clothing and hairstyle

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