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Privacy Policy

Regarding Personal Information

For the purposes of delivering or improving our services, personal information such as email address, name etc. may be collected via our website.

At Ambition Vietnam, we will use the collected personal information only for the purpose of improving our services. Should this change, we will first contact all relevant parties to inform of any changes before they happen. If you do not wish to give consent for your personal information to be used for any new purpose, your personal information will cease to be used.

As a general rule, Ambition Vietnam will not share your information to any third parties without your consent. However, in case of the execution of a non-disclosure agreement, personal data may be transferred to third parties who act for or on behalf of Ambition Vietnam for further processing in accordance with the purpose for which the data were originally collected, or if required by law. Moreover, data containing personal information may be transferred to third parties with the exclusion of personally-identifying information for the purpose of generating statistics.

Should you wish to inquire, correct or remove personal information, we will ensure to deal with your request as quickly as possible.
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