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Website Terms of Use

Notes on the use of the Ambition Vietnam Website

We ask that you please carefully read and accept the following Terms of Use before using this website. Any further use of this website will be considered as an agreement of the Terms of Use. Please ensure to read each and every section carefully, as there may be slight differences in wording between similar areas.

Terms of Use

Copyright Notice
All contents of this website (including but not limited to pictures, illustrations, character designs, videos, text, music, program data and other data) are protected by copyright laws, treaties and other such laws concerning copyright according to each country.

Prohibited Matters
The below actions or attempts to take such actions are prohibited.
  • The reproduction, modification, editing, uploading, presentation, transmission, screening, distribution, sale, reverse-engineering, reverse-assembling, or decompilation of any or all content found on the Ambition Vietnam Website, or any attempt to do so, without explicit permission.
  • Causing damage or harm to Ambition Vietnam or any other third parties.
  • Causing any damage or harm to the brand or image of Ambition Vietnam or any other third parties.
  • The uploading of any virus-infected software to the Ambition Vietnam Website.
  • Indecent or immoral acts.
  • Criminal acts, or acting as an accomplice to any such acts.
  • Any acts violating local laws, ordinances or regulations.
  • Any other actions Ambition Vietnam considers to be inappropriate.

Ambition Vietnam publishes the content of this website with extreme caution. However, we do not guarantee that all information found on this website is correct, reliable, or appropriate. The information, software and services of this website are offered in the state in which the user downloads it. As Ambition Vietnam takes no responsibility for any damages incurred through the use of this website, we ask that the user please take care when using this website. Similarly, Ambition Vietnam takes no responsibility for losses or damages caused by any termination, temporary or otherwise, of this website, or any errors that may be found within. Ambition Vietnam also takes no responsibility for any damages incurred by any third party websites that may be linked to on this website.

Regarding local laws and courts
The use of this website, including the interpretation of its Terms of Use, is designated as follows: It shall be based on Vietnamese law, as far as is possible. In addition, these Terms of Use shall be interpreted and understood in English. Any disputes regarding the use of this website, or its Terms of Use, are to be settled as follows: By a first hearing at Ho Chi Minh City Court, as far as is possible.

Regarding linking to the Ambition Vietnam Website
  • Creating hyperlinks to the Ambition Vietnam Website is freely permitted. However, we reserve the right to decline links from websites (including message boards and personal blogs) corresponding to the following:
    • Websites on which the content interferes with the business of or slanders Ambition Vietnam.
    • Websites on which inappropriate content (particularly adult content) is published.
    • Websites on which images, characters, music or other such copyrighted contents are shared illegally.
    • Websites promoting tie-ups or collaborations with Ambition Vietnam without explicit permission.
    • Websites inferring that Ambition Vietnam supports or endorses their content without explicit permission.
    • Websites on which the Ambition Vietnam Website is presented in a frame in such a way as to infer that it is part of the original website.
    • Any other websites Ambition Vietnam considers inappropriate for containing referring hyperlinks.
  • Any websites linking to the Ambition Vietnam Website are the responsibility of their own creators, and Ambition Vietnam takes no responsibility for their content. In addition, with regards to websites promoting tie-ups or collaborations with Ambition Vietnam, such relationships do not explicitly mean that the content of the linking website is supported or endorsed in any way by Ambition Vietnam. Also, Ambition Vietnam does not take responsibility for any damages that may occur through the viewing or use of content on such websites.
  • The terms laid out on this page do not count as permission for the reproduction or use of any trademarks, logos, service marks, copyrighted contents or any other contents available on the Ambition Vietnam Website.
  • Ambition Vietnam reserves the right to demand the removal of any links to the Ambition Vietnam Website from any website found to be in breach of the terms as laid out in Clause 1 above.

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